Stakeholder Management

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Technology has been our greatest ally in increasing our efficiency, as we have reduced the time dedicated to manual and routine activities in favor of solving complex problems and building creative solutions. Around here, innovation has always been present in the development of our activities and we want you to also realize the advantages of how technology can leverage your business. With our Virtual Tour, your enterprise will be present in the digital world. We also offer solutions in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the cloud, interactive dashboards (BI), Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Metaverse. And there's more! Did you know that it is possible to automate an end-to-end process? After collecting data in the field, with Automations it is possible to update your dashboards and prepare reports automatically, programmed according to your needs.

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Prospection of Social ProjectsProspection of Social Projects
Community Relations ProgramCommunity Relations Program
Usage PermissionUsage Permission
Event organizationEvent organization
Implementation, Training and Maintenance Blue MethodImplementation, Training and Maintenance Blue Method
Land ManagementLand Management
Management of the Execution of Social ProjectsManagement of the Execution of Social Projects
Crisis Management and PreventionCrisis Management and Prevention
Risk Management ExtensionRisk Management Extension
Socioeconomic DiagnosisSocioeconomic Diagnosis
Internal communicationInternal communication
ESG DiagnosisESG Diagnosis