Environmental Licensing

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With solutions that encompass the entire environmental licensing process provided for by law, we will help you with your project from the beginning. We offer solutions ranging from socio-environmental feasibility studies, through the implementation and operation phases of projects! With an experienced team, which adds technical refinement, management skills and field experience, we ensure an integrated view of everything your enterprise needs. Obtain and maintain your environmental licenses ethically, optimizing resources and mitigating risks.

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Environmental management systemEnvironmental management system
Periodic Conditions Compliance ReportsPeriodic Conditions Compliance Reports
Environmental License Requirement ReportsEnvironmental License Requirement Reports
Basic Environmental PlanBasic Environmental Plan
Environmental and Sociopatrimonial InspectionEnvironmental and Sociopatrimonial Inspection
Environmental Impact Study (EIA or RAS)Environmental Impact Study (EIA or RAS)
Owner's Engineering for the EnvironmentOwner's Engineering for the Environment
Environmental Due DiligenceEnvironmental Due Diligence
Environmental Diagnosis, PRAD and Environmental RestorationEnvironmental Diagnosis, PRAD and Environmental Restoration
Germplasm RescueGermplasm Rescue
Monitoring and Inspection of the PRADMonitoring and Inspection of the PRAD
Noise MonitoringNoise Monitoring
Monitoring of Erosive ProcessesMonitoring of Erosive Processes
Monitoring of Aquatic MacrophytesMonitoring of Aquatic Macrophytes
Ichthyofauna MonitoringIchthyofauna Monitoring
Fauna MonitoringFauna Monitoring
Environmental Restoration MonitoringEnvironmental Restoration Monitoring
Water Quality MonitoringWater Quality Monitoring
Environmental educationEnvironmental education
Social CommunicationSocial Communication
Chasing and Rescue of FaunaChasing and Rescue of Fauna